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About Stronghold

The nation’s security is paramount, and we stand ready to fortify its digital frontiers. With a battle-hardened team of veteran professionals, Stronghold brings a relentless dedication to protecting critical assets.

Our cybersecurity expertise is second to none, offering proactive strategies and advisory services that outmaneuver evolving threats. Managed SOC and Security Awareness Training ensure unwavering vigilance, safeguarding operations 24/7.

Beyond cybersecurity, our IT services elevate efficiency, resilience, and connectivity, with technical support, network management, and data safeguards at the forefront. We understand complexities and the need for seamless execution.

Proudly certified as a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) by the Small Business Administration (SBA), Stronghold is committed to excellence. Trust our battle-tested veterans, who once safeguarded our nation, to forge a defense that exceeds expectations. Empower your mission with unparalleled cyber strength. Elevate your future with Stronghold today, securing your nation’s legacy of security.

Forged in the Battlefield: Our Experience

  • Spearheaded the first Cyber Protection Team in US Coast Guard history, successfully executing the first hunt mission on the Coast Guard network to detect and isolate advanced threats; delivered valuable information which enabled data owners to enhance system security.
  • Led USCG cyber protection team in responding to SolarWinds attack in 2020, effectively assuring US Coast Guard remained uncompromised and conserving millions of dollars in research without third-party involvement.
  • Worked for the DOD protecting over 500,000 hosts on DODIN. Responded to multiple APT threats and incidents requiring travel to infected endpoints to gather forensic images.
  • Responded to an Iranian nation-state operator named APT35 or Charming Kitten. Successfully eradicated the threat and restored the client to a production state.
  • Protected the network from outside threats by actively using HBSS, ACAS, McAfee SIEM, Riverbed, and DOD Production JRSS to enable appropriate network and host security controls. Ensured compliance with information security policy and issued violations to deter future infractions. Tested for network and system vulnerabilities, investigated numerous host and network anomalies, and supported cyber operations by analyzing and reporting on cyberthreats and threat actors. Engaged with US CYBER Command to deliver daily reports and consult on enhanced security measures.

Leading the Charge

Stronghold's Commanders
Joe Kingland, CISSP

Joe Kingland, CISSP

Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer

With a firm commitment to cybersecurity excellence, Kingland drives Stronghold's mission to safeguard and fortify the digital frontiers of tomorrow.

Headshot of George Heath, V.P. of Governmental Relations for Stronghold.

George Heath

Vice President of Governmental Relations

Heath is a highly decorated Coast Guard Officer with over two decades of exceptional expertise. As a leader at Stronghold, his astute guidance drives our success.

Engage with Stronghold's Strategic Command

George Heath

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+1 833-326-0927

4904 Harriet Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55419